GATE奇幻自卫队 萝莉麦丘利Win7主题+Win8主题+AIMP皮肤

Yeah, I’m back. I’m sorry for never making a theme over the last few months. This time, I decided to make a win 7 theme of Rory Mercury from anime Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. Actually, I’m not even watching any anime of Summer 2015. I only see Anime Trending page, the top ten of summer anime 2015. And Gate is one of them. Then I decided to make it first.

As you see above, if you pay attention to the themes that I’ve created. Then you will see the difference on the start menu. As long as I’m on hiatus, I made some aimp3 skins. And I get some lessons for it. I’m thankful, for that I can learn a lot of things. And all that could make me back passionately for making the theme again and again. :)

How do you think about the look of the windows explorer. do you guys like it?. I’ve tried this theme, and I felt the cool impression from it. This real, I don’t lie. Hehehe

For background on the personalize, actually I want to use the style like dakimakura. But I couldn’t find it :( I hope you guys love this theme :)





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GATE奇幻自卫队 萝莉麦丘利Win7主题+Win8主题+AIMP皮肤
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